Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Nash is really amazing these days. tonight, after weeks of trying, he has finally learned to whistle. he is settling down now in his sleeping bag - his chosen way to go to sleep, in his very own sleeping bag which he was given for winter solstice. it has a built in pillow and he loves it, probably just as much as he loves his harry potter uno cards.
tonight he told me while doing mazes from his big maze book, "hey, did you know that four three times makes twelve?" awesome. and we read Little House in the Big Woods for the first time in weeks, at his request. we read the sugaring off party part, my favorite bit from when I was five.
I am feeling like maybe his freak out behavior a couple of weeks ago was related to too much holiday everything - parties, candy, presents, nonstop activity. right now he's recovering from a cold and seeming otherwise very much in balance.
of course, now that Nash and I are pretty much done with being sick, Liam is coughing his lungs up.

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