Sunday, January 26, 2003

I watch it for the ads...
seriously, I do! and because somewhere around 12, a relative of mine established a tradition that I have continued to this day, of sitting in front of the Big Game with chips (ruffled), dip (made with sour cream & lipton's onion soup), and root beer floats, YUM.
through most of my twenties I hosted elaborate superbowl parties each year, complete with kegs of beer, decorated cakes, vats of homemade chili (made by me), drunken friends puking in the yard... my favorite part was gathering a smany television sets as we could and placing one (at LEAST one) in each room of the house for the occasion. what better way to honor the most expensive ad spots of the year?
anyhow, today it's just nash, who has requested many times that I turn off the game and has now retired to the bathroom to practice fierce looks in the mirror; liam, who is asleep; and myself, who clearly isn't paying all that much attention to the tv.
that said, my favorite ad so far is the h & r block spot starring willie nelson ("my face is burning!"). second place, the pepsi twist ad with the osbourne's, third place the fed ex guy on a desert island one.

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