Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I am eating week old evil jungle prince, over 5 day old rice. mbd thinks this is insanely risky, but it doesn't worry me.
it reminds me, though, of when I ate week old chicken and then got so horrifically ill, with laboresque pains in my back and side, vomiting literally all night, lying on the bathroom floor crying and moaning and going from atheist to agnostic for one night only, praying to any deity that might be out there to please, please let me live and I swear I'll never eat week old chicken again!
but after two more days of the sickness, I learned that it was nothing to do with my immediate eating habits, that it was not about the chicken at all, but instead was a massive gallbladder attack and the onset of pancreatitis...
meanwhile, nearly three and a half years later, I'm eating week old chicken with abandon. anything with this much hot pepper can't be bad. and it smells and tastes great. it's fine. trust me.

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