Tuesday, February 25, 2003

parades so far:
*krewe of confetti kids: our neighborhood children's parade, featured some pretty awe inspiring wagon & stroller floats and tons of recycled throws. I give it an 8.
*shangri-la: pretty fun, with lots of toys, but too many unenthusiastic dance troupes. a 7.
*krewe of barkus: fabulous! the very best in marching jazz, and absolutely astoundingly clever floats and costumes, plus great throws and toys. a definite 10.
*oshun: small yet kind of blah, with a too high band:float ratio, and not enough throws, but I did like their floats. I give them a 6.
*pygmalian: eh. not so thrilling. I loved how the "russia" float had a disclaimer sign about supoorting our troops. gack. 3.

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