Wednesday, February 05, 2003

yesterday we went to city park to work on building the new wheelchair accessible playground. a mass email went out to everyone in our unschool group, telling us to come and bring the kids... but when we got there, it turned out that the kids weren't allowed to help with any of the work, so it was kind of logistically awkward. I did some breaking up of clumps of dirt and shoveling for about half an hour and then took care of my kids the rest of the time. and tried not to feel guilty about sharing in the free food.
the best of the food: this amazing little treat that was like a cannoli except that they used praline for the cookie part. absolutely amazing!
they also let us into storyland for free. storyland is a partof city park that has storybook themed play structures and usually costs a dollar or so to get in. it was my first time in there. I found it a bit scary. big, creepy characters, too steep slides... Nash hurt himself right away, he cut his finger on a sharp edge on the slide. weird place.

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