Sunday, February 02, 2003

Forever Knight
You are: Forever Knight.
( Your vampire cop
who wants make amends has garnered more than
his share of admirers. Your die-hard fans are
known for lobbying for a DVD release and
organizing charity drives.

Which Vampire TV Show Are You?
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I LOVE this show. the last time I saw it was 1996 - july, as a matter of fact, while staying with my friend heather just outside of boston, getting ready for camp and adjusting to the news that what I'd thought was the worst PMS ever was actually early pregnancy. I was fatigued and cranky and generally weirded out, and would lie awake nights watching the canadian vampire cop...
I comes on my tv actually, nowadays, but they show it at something crazy like 10 AM, and I can't be exposing young children to that crazy vampire cop stuff, even if it is canadian.

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