Sunday, February 02, 2003

You're Cabbage!

What is your lettuce personality?
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ah ha ha! hooray! this makes my night. pathetic, I know. but between this and ER theater, I'm all set for a de-stressing sunday night. see, sunday night is the END of my "work week"... monday is my easiest day, the "breathing out" you know? now I'm just wired-tired and unwinding. I'm really glad, by the way, that ER theater comes on earlier here than it did when I lived in mississippi... I could never stay up for it then. just barely related: in 1989/1990, the highlight of my sunday nights was a show called Night Music, hosted by david sanborn. the chili peppers, sonic youth, pretty fat, the indigo girls, pere ubu... it was so amazing.

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