Monday, February 17, 2003

I was robbed!
seriously. how wrong is it that on the night when I have a) a babysitter, b) a cool parade and d) even a party to go to, I instead spend the entire evening at home being puked and shat upon by my children?
there is no justice in this world.
when I called my neighbor to let her know that I didn't feel like I could bring the plague over to her house, she said, well, I figured you'd cancel anyway because of the rain.. but no! I woulda gone. certainly I would not have dressed as well as I'd originally intended, but I woulda gone and had a blast in the pouring rain.
I did go to the peace march & rally in the afternoon, and it was alright, I mean, GREAT compared to new orleans rallies so far. we really need to do better, though... my favorite monent during the march was when an older guy with purple hair responded to some frat boys heckling with, "go home, tourists, we don't need you." imagine new orleans with no tourists. or at least no frat boy tourists! once we reorganized the economy, we'd have a really nice place here.
anyhow, I had to get home and I was starved, so I picked up some chinese food at canal place. I ate my greasy chicken & fried rice on the ferry and then went home to chaos, where liam had not had a nap and nash went from "my belly hurts" to totally hurling all over the (carpeted) staircase in a matter of 30 seconds or less. and so I called sandy and cancelled babysitting and called kami and cancelled debauchery, and managed to get liam to sleep after a dinner of leftover pancakes with jam, and rub nash's back and keep him company while we watched scooby universe on the cartoon network and I don't recall what else. I figured well, at least I would be fresh for the children at work as a result of having had to stay in. I figured I'd get dropped off by mbd and the kids and then find a way home from church with some friends.
nash finally passed out around 11 and then I started nodding off in front of my book... fell asleep just before 12 and then was jolted awake by the sound of liam puking all over himself. you know, he puked some and then fell back into it, then stood up and continued, etc., etc. I held on to him til he finished and then took him downstairs and washed him in the tub. back in bed a vomitous odor told me I'd missed a spot in his hair somewhere, but I couldn't deal with going back to the tub. we watched Square Pegs, Barney Miller, My Favorite Martian, whatevr came on TVland with him popping up every 20 or so minutes to puke, until sometime after 4 when he finally fell completely asleep again. he would heave into a bowl for a few minutes, red faced and dripping sweat, and then croak, "I'm fine, I'm FINE!" and collapse back on the bed.
I got up at 8 feeling shaky and sweaty and called one of steady teachers to fill in for me. liam added to my credibility by waking up howling while I was on the phone and shitting in his pants. I got mbd up and asked him to drive down to the church to deliver the supplies, the origami paper, the sadako story...
meanwhile, I changed bedding again and cleaned the carpet as best I could.
that was sunday morning. now it is monday evening and the kids seem almost totally recovered. I am pretty sick. but at least there is an Oliver's Twist marathon on the food network today! by the way, I loved matthew broderick as the music man last night. lord, I hate the thought of being sick without access to a tv.

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