Tuesday, May 20, 2003

have you seen the episode of arthur in which buster decides he's amish? pretty surreal. but it doesn't compare to the one with art garfunkel as the singing moose, narrating via perky jingles the time when buster comes back from his trip around the world and awkwardness ensues... which is just as good as the arthur holiday special when muffy gets irked at francine for missing her party and then realizes that it was all because of hannukkah (rather than an intentional snub, you see) and so muffy comes over to apologize and her dad gives francine's dad a ham.
well anyhow, I'm pointlessly angsty and have that ticklish throat sneezy thing going on and was struggling to find something to do with myself beyond you know, working, so I decided to cook. I made suess's black bean cakes because I felt that all the mincing and mashing would do me good, and besides, for once I had all the ingredients. we're never out of black beans, but it's rare to find fresh basil and jalapenos just when I need them. they're a little more spicy than last time.... which was, lemme see, during mardi gras, right before matt & elizabeth got here. I love them. the kids hate them. more for me.
buster's mom: "sweetie, do you have to be completely amish? couldn't you be just a little bit amish?"

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