Friday, May 02, 2003

this or that
Which is more comforting for you...
1. Lying down on the couch, or stretching out on a recliner? Lying down on the couch. but a bigger, softer, nicer smelling couch than mine.
2. Going barefoot or wearing soft slippers? Barefoot, unless it's cold and then I want socks.
3. Eating ice cream, or pizza? Ice cream.
4. Watching on TV...a classic movie or a reality show? Classic movie. a stack of them.
5. Wearing: blue jeans or sweat pants?
flannel PJs, or long johns
6. A long, soothing bubble bath or a quick, invigorating shower? Long, soothing bubble bath. for sure.
7. Furniture: leather, or something more on the fuzzy side? Fuzzy... I guess.. butnot too fuzzy.
8. Soft, classical music, or upbeat rock & roll?
elvis costello
9. Darkness or light?
something in between

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