Thursday, May 08, 2003

I was up at 5:30 and it's not even liam's fault. last night, after eating a chicken caesar salad from the brewhouse, I became agonizingly achey and queasy and laid in bed suffering until I fell asleep at 9. I know in theory it's good to get lots of rest but damn I had so much to do last night, phone calls to make that I sure as hell couldn't make at five thirty.
so I went back to sleep at 8 while the kids ran wild until 9:30, but hey they didn't break themselves or anything, so it's alright I guess. I had an intense and unhappy dream in which I was attacked and bitten by a skunk who had come into to the house, and everyone was very concerned that I not upset the skunk and all but damn, it was biting me! and then I was freaking out about going for rabies shots and people were telling me to calm down. yeah okay.
mbd has to go to work early so I have very little time to get some work done, bah. but we're hanging out with meghan this afternoon and evening, she's here for a few days from new york and she's making us dinner, whoo hoo!
aimee mann tells me: "I wish I was both young and stupid." me too, today, today I really do.
I like this quiz, though:


How random you are, but then this is a random ass quiz. You are a lovely snippet of sheet music. Can you even read sheet music? The world may never know. So go spread the love.

What random piece of crap are you? by Grace

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