Wednesday, May 14, 2003

I love this quiz. the first time I saw my so called life I was unpacking and settling in to my room at the house on second avenue in atlanta, in march of 1994. upstairs, with my dog and my tons of clothes and my little tv, wondering if 25 isn't really too old to be so enamored of a high school show. and that was what, five years before freaks & geeks? anyhow, look how pretty:
You are Rickie Vasquez. You are sensitive,
empathetic, and a hopeless romantic. You always
get stuck in the middle of things involving
your friends. You are gay and like to hang out
in the girl's bathroom, but that's what makes
you so unique. I love you...

Which My So-Called Life character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

in other news, liam fell down and broke one of his (already somewhat broken) teeth off today, it's awful. run on sentences are what blogging is all about. brutus, don't dillute us. regardless, so, yeah, it's the dentist tomorrow, if I can get him in.
and I did see x2 last night, blah, along with the Worst Previews Ever.

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