Friday, May 16, 2003

sure, okay. what they don't mention is that freya was balder's mother, balder who was killed by loki via some mistletoe. one night during mardi gras - it was after our failed attempt to enjoy endymion - the kids and I were coming home on the ferry and nash told the entire story of balder and the mistletoe to a tenacious young woman who wanted to know if we'd accepted jesus christ as our lord and saviour...
You are Freya! Freya is the godess of love and
fertility. Freya lives in the beautiful
Folkvang [battlefield] and each day she chooses
half of the slain warriors to split with Odin.
She had a husband named Od, whom she somehow
lost and cried golden tears for. Many believe
Od is Odin.

Freya's chariot is drawn by male cats and she owns
the precious Brisings' necklace, which she
slept with four dwarves to acquire. She also
owns a feather coat which she could use to fly
between the worlds.
Freya is the most beautiful of all godesses in
Valhalla, and she is not afraid to use her
beauty and charm to get her way. She is also a
loving and sensual person who believes in the
good in people. She is known to be somewhat
"easy" though, but she'd probably say
that's part of being the godess of love.

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