Saturday, May 10, 2003

nash is in the bathrom talking to himself right now. one self is explaining to another self how great it is to be on a soccer team. "let me get this straight, we can play anywhere in the world?" "yes, you've got it!"
liam is gone for his first overnight away from either parent. my parents whisked him away and nash was pretty glad to see him go. we've been having a big kids only celebration by watching harry potter and the chamber of secrets and eating popcorn for dinner. he was just as terrified by the big spiders as I expected, but he loved it. we had a nice time cowering under the covers together for a change.
liam, this morning, after I woke up enough to change the channel from the damn Wiggles (nothing worse than Wiggles inspired dreams), picked up his play phone and said, "hello, police? it's liam. I need for you to come to my house and arrest coleen, because she turned off playhouse disney while I was watching the wiggles. okay, so come now. thank you, goodbye."
when did he get so officious?

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